Health Sachet No 284:

Did you know how your regular Whatsapp checking and watching television is permanently damaging your brain?

Here is an article by Rolf Dobelli, the author of the brilliant Behavioural Science book The Art of Thinking Clearly:

Some highlights:

  • News triggers limbic system, causing release of cortisol – the stress hormone. That lowers immunity, impairs digestion, inhibits release of growth hormones (affecting cell, hair, bone growth).
  • News impairs memory. Short term and long term memories function differently. Transfer from short term to long term gets hampered in a brain that gets too much news.
  • News changes the brain structure to that of an addict, affecting reward circuits in the brain. The more news we watch, the more the brain circuits dealing with skimming and multi-tasking are exercised and those involved with deep thinking are weakened. Your attention span lowers: you cannot even read long articles (including this Health Sachet). Now you know why your children cannot concentrate on studies (they are viewing too much TV and mobiles).
  • News makes you passive – learned helplessness – that could lead to depression.
  • News kills creativity. Aren’t kids these days unbelievably knowledgeable about the world – excellent copycats – but pathetically non-creative? They know everything from Pangaea to mobile apps but cannot think of using broken headphone wires as temporary shoelaces?

Stop all news, except in your field of work.