Health Sachet No 299:

Do mobile phones cause cancer?

This question is tested since 1985 and the results are ambiguous even today. Some studies show an effect while others find no effect.

Now, a hypothesis is tested that a mobile phone does not cause cancer but it can aid cancer formation due to other causes, such as smoking or toxic chemicals.

Thus, a mobile phone (more specifically, the radiation from a mobile phone) is thought to be a co-carcinogen but not a carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) in itself.
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Till things get clearer, if you are a heavy mobile phone user, use a pair of headphones, avoid keeping the phone near your head while sleeping (the farther the phone from the body, the lower is the radiation falling on your body) and use the phone sparingly in low signal areas or in a moving vehicle (a phone increases its radiation when it switches from a transmission tower to another, as it moves in and out of a tower’s coverage area).

The iPhone guide says that you should hold the phone half an inch away from the body when a call is dialed? Don’t hold it to your ear before it is connected (that is, while the dial tone is ringing).

Here are some tips on how to lower the mobile radiation on the body:

  • Use headphones when making calls.
  • Do not keep your mobile near your head when sleeping.
  • Use sparingly in low signal areas as well as in a vehicle.
  • Don’t hold the mobile phone to your ear when the call is dialing.