Health Sachet No 318:

Our body is colonised by bacteria, fungi and viruses that are 30% more in number than the cells in our body. So there are more of them inside us than we ourselves are.

Researchers are slowly beginning to understand how our health is decided by these microbes. Their symbiotic relationship with our body is so crucial that they are now called our ‘other’ genome.

The discovery of this fragile and complex ecosystem, called the Microbiome, could be the medical discovery of this century, with ramifications in almost all aspects of our health.

The Rise of the Microbiome: The Relatively Short Road From Hunch to Hype to Hope:

The new research says: “Humans are superorganisms whose metabolism represents an amalgamation of microbial and human attributes.” Get that?

In other words, ‘you’ are not just you, but rather you plus the microbes living inside your body, taken together. The microbes residing inside your body are as much part of you, or what constitutes ‘you as an individual organism’, as your body’s own cells are. Spooky enough?

Most of these microbes live inside your intestines. Science is finding that the microbes in the intestines are different in obese versus slim, diabetics versus non-diabetics, depressed versus non-depressed, etc.

Thus, anything that alters these microbial colonies, for good or for worse, directly affects your health.

Protect the microbial colonies in your body, especially in your intestine, just as you protect your body.